Hospital breathing machine
Hospital breathing machine type Electric portable non invasive double level ICU ventilators Machine
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Parameter setting Delayed boost 0-60min, set the division interval 5min
Initial pressure 4cmh2o treatment pressure / respiratory pressure setting
Therapeutic pressure 4-20cmh2o (in CPAP mode)
Target tidal volume 150ml - 1500ml, on / off
Maximum suction pressure 4-25cmh2o, (can be set when the target tidal volume function is on)
Minimum suction pressure 4-25cmh2o (not higher than suction pressure), (can be set when target tidal volume function is on)
Inspiratory phase pressure 4-25cmH2O
Expiratory pressure 4-25cmH2O
Expiratory decompression Patient, off, 1-3, three adjustable
Manual voltage regulation 0-2 gear, 0-2cmh2o (only available in CPAP mode)
Inspiratory sensitivity 1-8 stalls
Expiratory sensitivity 1-8 stalls
Respiratory frequency 3-40 times / min
Inspiratory time 0.3-3.0s
backup rate On / off, default 10
Pressure rise time 1-4 stalls
Humidifier 1-5 adjustable in 5 gears

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